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Welcome to Pristine Clear Aligners, the brand new direct aligner printing technology that delivers FDA-approved aligners in Dubai. Our innovative *Shape Memory Aligners* are designed to offer a comfortable, discreet, and effective solution for straightening teeth. We are proud to bring our state-of-the-art technology to Dubai, providing patients with a convenient and affordable way to achieve a beautiful smile. Pristine Clear Aligners started its journey in South India, specifically in Kerala, in 2019. Since then, we have been providing high-quality aligners to patients in the South region, helping them achieve their dream smile. This has helped us develop our state-of-the-art technology and deliver the best possible treatment outcomes to our patients. At Pristine Clear Aligners, we are passionate about transforming smiles and improving the oral health of our patients. With our experience and expertise, we are confident in providing exceptional care to patients in Dubai and beyond. Choose Pristine Clear Aligners for the best aligner treatment experience!

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Our mission at Pristine Clear Aligners is to provide patients with a convenient and effective solution for achieving a beautiful and healthy smile. We aim to achieve this by utilizing our state-of-the-art technology and experienced team of professionals to deliver high-quality, FDA-approved aligners. Our mission is to make orthodontic treatment more accessible and affordable to patients in UAE and beyond, without compromising on the quality of care. We are committed to transforming smiles and improving the oral health of our patients through personalized treatment plans and exceptional care. At Pristine Clear Aligners, our mission is to be the trusted provider of aligner treatment in UAE, helping patients achieve their dream smile and a more confident and fulfilling life.

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Was so satisfied with the treatment I got from them... Having well qualified orthodontists.. I was so confused to do braces or aligners.. But I was so well explained about the difference and comforts about aligners than braces.. So I have opted for aligners.. I am so happy with the comfort..
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Dental surgeon
Thanks for being my companion, as my invisible aligner and also for timely delivery and customer care response above all It comes with affordable price and easily accessible. They have transformed the smile in the prettiest way to help it.
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Shuhaib Misfar
Dental Surgeon
The clear aligner provided by Pristine Clear is absolutely great with them they have the right choice to provide you the best service for the result. You would become happy to elaborate with them so that you could lead them to the happier
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John Doe

CEO of Pristine

Dr. Adam Ozeer

I’m Dr Adam Ozeer the founder and CEO of Pristine Clear Aligners, the first clear aligner lab in North Kerala.

         For almost 5 years I was engaged in the field of aligner industry as a researcher. I have completed graduation in 2004 at AJ Institute of Dental Science and completed post-graduation in 2011 Rajamukthaya College Chidambaram.I came from a family of healthcare professionals. We started over research in 2014. After years of research and clinical trials in the field of 3D printing and thermoforming plastic materials and which was recognized by the International Journals. I expertize in the field of 3D printing from Singapore and China. I was trained by German company in pressure molding technique and also the thermoforming aligner sheets. We entered into the clear aligner industry in 2019, I formed Pristine Clear Aligners.

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